Springfield’s Red Light Cameras will come down

Joe Ravi, CC-BY-SA 3.0

The City of Springfield announced it will remove the red light cameras from intersections.  The cameras have been deactivated since the 2010 Missouri Supreme Court decision in City of Springfield v. Adolph Belt, Jr.  I served as the lawyer for the retired veteran highway patrolman who argued the cameras jeopardized public safety and the extra-judicial hearing process violated the basic rights of motorists.

Amos Bridges wrote a nice watchdog piece outlining the history of the case and cost to the motorists and taxpayers.   Final cost of the red-light camera program to Springfield taxpayers:  $461,504.62.  Cost to motorists of illegal fines:  $807,163.00.  Legal fees paid by the City to defend the camera program in court:  $124,244.62.  Accidents prevented:  0.

Kudos to the City and to Councilman Burlison who, it was reported, suggested the change.  Councilman Burlison has a long history of fighting for our basic freedoms.  Some will remember he was one of my clients in the lock down and mass search case against Springfield Public Schools and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office that we took to the United States Supreme Court.

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