Domestic Violence Shelters

I can almost always have more success in court if a domestic_violence2victim of violence takes steps to protect him/herself and any children.

If you are a victim of domestic violence in need of a place to go, here is a list of facilities that provide emergency shelter service:

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Child Custody and a Child’s “Best Interests”

When a new client comes to me with a case involving custody of a child, there are invariably questions about how to get a good result.


Subharnab Majumdar, CC BY 2.0

Here is the statute the courts in Missouri generally follow to decide the custody of a child.  There are exceptions and the cited statute does not control in every type of case, but in divorce (also called “dissolution”) and paternity (also called “custody”) cases, it usually does.

Philosophers, historians, politicians, legal scholars, social workers, child psychologists, parents and just about anyone else could argue about all sorts of ideas for a child’s “best interests.”  But here is what the courts in Missouri usually consider:

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