Parenting Education Providers

I often get the question, “Where do I go to complete the Parenting Education class required in dissolution and custody cases?”

Here is a short list of options.

Blueprints, Springfield, MO  (417) 883-8400

Divorce Education Services, Springfield, MO  (417) 831-1505

Burrell Behavioral Health, Springfield, MO  (417) 269-5400

University of Missouri Extension,

Tri-County Psychological Services, Marshfield, MO  (417) 859-7746

FOCIS, Ozarks Counseling Center, Springfield, MO  (417) 869-9011

Melissa Harp, Springfield, MO  (417) 850-5851  (offered online)

This list is not at all exhaustive.  If you are a Parenting Education provider, send me an email if you want to be added to the list.

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