How Not to Parent

The Missouri Supreme Court  this week in Pasternak v. Pasternak, No. SC94488 (Mo. banc August 18, 2015) decided a custody relocation/modification case and in so doing gave a helpful enumerated list of how not to parent, a sort of 13 Alfred_E._Neumanncommandments of parenting (i.e., things these knuckleheads did):

(1) disparaging the other parent in the presence of the children;
(2) disparaging the other parent’s significant other to the children, resulting in the children making an inappropriate remark to Mother’s significant other;
(3) getting in petty arguments over minor violations of
exchange times;
(4) giving conflicting instructions to the children’s daycare provider;
(5) refusing to allow the other parent’s relatives to pick up the children for lunch or when the other parent might have been late due to work commitments;
(6) disagreeing over whether the children should continue to go to catechism classes in one parent’s religion or go to the other parent’s new church;
(7) creating embarrassing situations in public places in the presence of children;
(8) involving police in exchanges that should not require the police if the parents were cooperative;
(9) setting and arranging appointments without consulting the other parent,
although somewhat necessitated by the other parent’s failure to cooperate;
(10) discussing “alleged inappropriate behavior” of the other parent in front of the children;
(11) engaging in manipulative behavior in an attempt to assert possible
sexual abuse by the other parent, no proof of which was ever offered;
(12) failing to send the children to summer school for all scheduled days; and
(13) changing child care providers without consultation with the other parent.
Way to go guys.

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