House Denies Relief for Criminally Ill

Although medical heroine, a far more addictive and dangerous drug, will remain available, terminally ill Missourians with cancer in hospice care were denied access to medical cannabis when the Missouri House voted down a bill specifically tailored to terminally ill cancer patients in hospice care.

The House may have been concerned about the terminally ill cancer patients in hospice care eating too many Cheetos, losing their motivation to advance in their career, or developing a fondness for Bob Marley songs. That, or they may have been concerned the medical cannabis may have been a gateway drug to – well – all the other drugs they will take anyhow since they can’t take medical cannabis.

The issue is mostly academic as it would likely take longer to bring to trial than they would survive for many criminally ill cancer patients in hospice care.

Blue Book? Indigo Book!

Every law student must grind through a class learning the proper way to cite legal authority, correct to the last comma. In recent years, there has been among legal scholars considerable controversy over citation method. The Indigo Book is a free citation authority in the public domain serving as an alternative to the Blue Book or other citation methods. You can get it free here.

Missouri Sunshine Law

Trying to get records from a Missouri political subdivision? The Sunshine Law applies. The Missouri Office of the Attorney General has a helpful website. They also publish a helpful guide.

The Criminal Court Process

Celebrating 15 Years of Success

I am so thankful to have such a rewarding career. This month, I am celebrating 15 years of success in the practice of law. In 15 years of practice, I have had a chance to work with a lot of great people. I have had a chance to try numerous civil and criminal trials to many juries and judges in Missouri. I have had a chance to take numerous issues to state and federal appellate courts. I have had a chance to help a lot of families by working toward the best interests of a lot of children. I even met my lovely wife, Angela Umbarger, while practicing law. Looking forward to another 15!

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