Bought an Office in Buffalo

Jason’s Place

Some of you may have noticed some changes at the old Jeanie’s Hair Fashions. Jeanie sold me her place and I’ve been doing some renovation to make it suitable for my law practice/prosecutor’s office. I am really excited about finally having a place of my own for work right in the heart of Buffalo. I think it will make a fine office for my practice for many years and an approachable and accessible prosecutor’s office our county can be proud of – at zero cost to taxpayers (that’s right: free rent is my gift to the County).

10,000 Experiment Rule Replaces 10,000 Hour Rule

A review of studies indicated only 1% of deliberate practice explained variance in performance in the professions.

Deliberate experimentation is more important than deliberate practice in a rapidly changing world.

In professions like law, experience may be less indicative of success than innovation.

Forget the 10,000-Hour Rule…

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