Mugshots Website

Has your mugshot been put up on a mugshot website?  Did you receive a solicitation suggesting you pay money to have the mugshot removed?  Missouri law provides for a claim for $10,000 plus attorney’s fees. Talk to your lawyer to arrange to bring a claim.

City of Springfield sues Greene County Sheriff over Jail

cowThe City of Springfield filed suit today against the Greene County Sheriff’s Office over the housing of inmates for the city.  The three count Petition seeks declaratory judgment, injunction and specific performance. You can read the petition here.

Won on Appeal

moappsdpicSuccessfully defended a 74 year old woman who obtained at trial a judgment for periodic maintenance after her 60 year old husband left her, ending their 30+ year marriage. Husband appealed. Judgment affirmed. She won’t have to live out her golden years penniless.

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