New Laws in Missouri Effective Today

August 28 is the day when many new laws go into effect each year in Missouri. This year is no exception. Many new laws go into effect today.

Some highlights of what your elected representatives have been up to this year:

SB5: Significant change to the law related to municipal courts in the wake of the Ferguson situation.

SB12: Changes to some agricultural regulations. If you have livestock, you might want to look at this as there is a change in the required warning signs in case of injury as well as some additional immunity from liability related livestock. The act also makes it easier for foreigners to buy Missouri farms.

SB24: Passed over a veto by the governor, this act regulates SNAP and TANF benefits. If you are a SNAP or TANF beneficiary, you might look at this as your life may have just gotten harder.

SB93: Designates outdoor area of college campuses as “traditional public forums” and limits when the college can limit speech. If you wish you could start hawking credit cards to college kids, you’ll want to look at this.

SB104: No more tax cheats running for office and Springfield Public Schools board members don’t have to serve six-year terms.

SB149: Tax incentives for new data center facilities to bring jobs and infrastructure to Missouri. Senator Mike Parson sponsored this bill.

SB164: Among other things this act says insurance companies can invest more of their reserves overseas. I guess we don’t need the money at home.

SB224: Would have restricted benefits from the A+ educational subsidy to citizens and permanent residents. Nope. Vetoed by Governor.

SB239: Replaces the common law medical malpractice claim with a statutory scheme and prevent juries from deciding a full range of damages awards. Senator Dan Brown sponsored this bill, perhaps because he doesn’t trust you on a jury.

SB321: Allows victims of sexual assault and those that live with them to obtain orders of protection.

SB456: Relates to car dealers.

SB500: If you make and sell your own jams and jellies on a small scale (like I love to buy at the farmer’s markets), you maybe just got put out of business in Missouri as you will be required to maintain a separate facility for bottling. Thank Senator Jeanie Riddle who sponsored the bill.










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