Updated Missouri Ethics Commission Reports

The Missouri Ethics Commission receives campaign finance reports from candidates. While candidates sometimes use flowery language or vague promises of being the best, MEC Reports are real, objective, verifiable facts. These can be a powerful indicator of what you can expect from a candidate.

What can we learn?

Umbarger: Campaign paid for 100% by self and wife. Integrity.
Umbarger: Every report filed on time. Diligence.

Barker: Accepts thousands from defense lawyers he faces in court at his current job.*
Barker: Relies overwhelmingly on money from out of county.*
Barker: Pays less than 4% of his own campaign contributions.*
Barker: Files late 3 out of 4 required campaign finance reports.*

*NONE of the other candidates currently running in Dallas County have done this.

Umbarger 20180730

Umbarger 20180716

Barker 20180731 late

Barker 20180716 late

Barker 20180415

Barker 20180118 late



Who Pulls the Strings?

Candidates for office in Missouri are required to periodically report to the Missouri Ethics Commission the sources of campaign funds. Candidates file reports July 16. While voters decide who is elected, it is important who finances a candidate’s campaign. “Dance with the one what brung ya!”

In order of appearance on the ballot, here are the reports filed by the candidates in Dallas County…

Associate Circuit Judge
Andrew Mead
Lisa C. Henderson

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Brett R. Harrison
Susan Faulkner

Prosecuting Attorney
Jason Umbarger
Jonathan Barker

All candidate reports are sourced and publicly available from the Missouri Ethics Commission.



Over the years, I’ve earned some awards…

Equal Access to Justice Award; Legal Services of Southern Missouri & Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association (2008) (earned through service)

Pro Bono Publico Certificate; Legal Services of Southern Missouri (2005) (earned through service)

Rubey Hulen Memorial Scholarship; UMKC School of Law (1997) (based on merit)

Graduate Assistantship; MSU, College of Business Administration (1996) (chosen by faculty)

Presidential Scholar; MSU (1993 – 1996) (based on merit)

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholar; MSU (1993 – 1996) (based on merit)

Bright Flight Scholar, MSU (1993 – 1996) (based on merit)

Student Government Scholar; MSU (1994 – 1995) (earned through service)

National Merit Scholar; National Merit Scholarship Corp. & Missouri State University (1993 – 1995) (selective, awarded to students in the top 99.5%ile, based on merit)

Bar Licenses and Certifications

United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit

United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri Supreme Court of Missouri

Guardian ad Litem, Missouri Supreme Court Standards

Civil & Family Mediator, Missouri Supreme Court Rules 17 & 88

Approved International Election Observer, Tribunal Supremo Electoral de El Salvador


Here’s a little about my education…

Juris Doctor, University of Missouri – Kansas City (2000)

Master of Business Admin., University of Missouri – Kansas City (2000)

Bachelor of Science Accounting, Missouri State University (1996)

Honors Diploma, Glendale High School, Springfield, Missouri (1993)

Published Research

Some lawyers like to contribute to the profession by publishing research. Below are some of my publications:

“Multijurisdictional Issues, 2014 Ed., Chapter 18” Missouri DWI Law and Practice, Missouri Bar Publications (2014).

“Identification, 2012 Supplement.” Criminal Practice Deskbook, Missouri Bar Publications (2012).

“Multijurisdictional Issues, 2010 Supplement.” Missouri DWI Law and Practice, Missouri Bar Publications (2010).

“Experts and the Science of Chemical Tests, 2007 Supplement.” Missouri DWI Law and Practice, Missouri Bar Publications (2007).

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