Updated Missouri Ethics Commission Reports

The Missouri Ethics Commission receives campaign finance reports from candidates. While candidates sometimes use flowery language or vague promises of being the best, MEC Reports are real, objective, verifiable facts. These can be a powerful indicator of what you can expect from a candidate.

What can we learn?

Umbarger: Campaign paid for 100% by self and wife. Integrity.
Umbarger: Every report filed on time. Diligence.

Barker: Accepts thousands from defense lawyers he faces in court at his current job.*
Barker: Relies overwhelmingly on money from out of county.*
Barker: Pays less than 4% of his own campaign contributions.*
Barker: Files late 3 out of 4 required campaign finance reports.*

*NONE of the other candidates currently running in Dallas County have done this.

Umbarger 20180730

Umbarger 20180716

Barker 20180731 late

Barker 20180716 late

Barker 20180415

Barker 20180118 late



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